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Ernest W. Seaholm High School
Think with reflection.  Act with compassion.  Perform with honor.
Seaholm Essentials

Seaholm High School is a four-year comprehensive public high school, accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools and the University of Michigan. It is one of two comprehensive high schools for grades 9-12 in the Birmingham Public School District.

Approximately 1,200 students attend Seaholm. Students follow a trimester schedule with five classes each term for a total of 15 classes per year, allowing for a wide variety of electives. Students attend each class every day with class sizes averaging about 25 students. As in all Birmingham Public Schools, the faculty and staff at Seaholm are highly qualified, with nearly 80 percent holding advanced degrees.

Seaholm consistently ranks as one of the most highly regarded high schools in the state. On aptitude tests such as the SAT and ACT, Seaholm students score well above both the state and national averages and are much sought after by colleges and universities across the country.

Students come to Seaholm from many different schools. Some come from our district middle schools, Derby and Berkshire. Others come from Birmingham Covington School, the BPS districtwide school for 3rd through 8th graders. Still others come from the many private and parochial schools in our area, eager to take advantage of the diversity of programs and activities offered at Seaholm. Wherever students come from, they all find a warm and friendly welcome from fellow students.

Core Academics

Language Arts

Beginning freshman year, students have the opportunity to select from an assortment of literature and composition classes. In addition to taking core literature classes at either the College Preparatory or Honors (including Advanced Placement) level, students must also fulfill a public speaking requirement by taking a class such as Speech, Debate, Forensics, Radio Speech or TV Speech. In their sophomore year, students take a Composition course and then fill out the remainder of their requirements with language arts electives such as Contemporary Fiction, Creative Writing and Journalism.

Social Studies
In the first two years, Seaholm students study both World History and American History either in the Honors (including Advanced Placement) or College Preparatory level classes. Juniors take Economics and seniors take American Government and then have the option to take electives in topics such as World War II, Vietnam, Anthropology, Law and Psychology.

The Flex Program
The Flex program, short for Flexible Scheduling, is an honors college preparatory curriculum that combines English and social studies in a four-year interdisciplinary program. Students in grades 9 through 12 work together in a cooperative environment that integrates literary, historical, aesthetic and philosophical movements. Students who remain in the Flex program all four years earn all the language arts and social studies credits required for graduation, including public speaking and composition, and have opportunities to prepare for Advanced Placement exams in both core subjects.

The mathematics program at Seaholm is designed to help every student maximize his or her potential. Five different math tracks – Honors, Accelerated, College Prep, Basic College Prep, and Essentials – allow students to find the level of challenge that is right for them. All five math tracks ensure students will have completed coursework through Algebra 2 by graduation. In addition, we require that all seniors earn one credit in a math or math-related course during their final year. Students who excel in math have the opportunity to prepare for AP exams in Calculus AB, Calculus BC and Statistics.

Entering students begin their science studies at Seaholm with a two semester Biology course and a one semester Earth Science course. As in other core disciplines, students can choose from three different sequencing levels. Throughout the course of their four years, students are required to take three credit hours of science, though four credits are recommended. In addition to coursework that will prepare them for AP exams in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, students have a number of science electives to choose from that include Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, and Environmental Science.

Exploring Interests

World Language
Seaholm offers five levels of world language classes for students interested in learning Spanish, French, or Chinese. AP preparatory courses are offered in all three languages. In addition, students interested in taking Japanese can attend classes at Groves High School. To graduate, students must complete one level of a world language consisting of two trimesters, however, college bound students are encouraged to take two or more credit hours of a language.

Physical Education
To learn effectively in any academic environment, students need to understand how to evaluate their own fitness level and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Personal Fitness is a prerequisite for all other physical education classes and a requirement for graduation. This survey course includes aquatics, weight training, heart rate monitor training and C.P.R. In addition, students must take another physical education elective such as Scuba Diving, Lifeguard Training or Lifetime Sports or participate in a least one team or club sport.

Fine Arts
Seaholm’s Fine Arts Department offers students eleven different courses ranging from Painting and Ceramics to Graphic Design and Photography. Creative problem solving is at the core of each of these one trimester courses. Advanced students have the opportunity to prepare for the AP Studio Art exam.

Regardless of musical proficiency there is a music course to suit every student. Class Piano is a popular elective, while the Marching Band program involves over 160 students every fall who become members of Concert or Symphony Band in winter and spring. Orchestra and Choir also challenge students to grow musically through competitions and performances. Both orchestra and band students have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally to perform.

Business Technology
With courses in Business, Marketing, Management and Technology, this department offers students the skills they’ll need in college and beyond. From Web Design and Programming, to Fashion Merchandising, Investments and Business Law, the courses offered through the Business Technology Department are continually updated to provide the skills and expertise that are in high demand in the business world.

The award winning Engineering Technology Department challenges students to use today’s technology to solve tomorrow’s problems. From CAD and Architectural Design to Energy Technology, Engineering and Robotics, technology courses allow students to gain valuable skills and give students experiences that apply science and math principles to concrete problems. In recent years, robotics students have won numerous competitions and awards.

Life Management
From Child Development through Foods & Nutrition to Contemporary Life issues to Interior Design, the Life Management Department gives students the opportunity to learn skills that will help them regardless of their future career path. Today’s Health is a required course that provides students with a complete understanding of the practical life skills necessary to maintain total health today and in the future.

Special Services
Instruction and support for students with unique needs is available to students in a variety of core subjects from reading and composition to math and study strategies. Placement in Special Services is determined through the Individualized Educational Planning Committee meeting. Special services are provided by supportive professionals who work cooperatively with general education teachers. The nature of services provided to a particular student is dependent upon the needs of that individual student.

Seaholm students have the opportunity to explore career options through the Oakland Schools Technical Campus (OTEC). Students attend either the morning or afternoon session at the OTEC campus and the balance of the day at Seaholm. Nine clusters developed around broad occupational areas are designed to provide students with instruction for up to two years in Arts and Communication; Business, Management, Marketing, and Technology; Engineering/Manufacturing and Industrial Technology; Construction Technology; Engineering/Emerging Technologies; Transportation Technology; Health Science; Human Services including Culinary Arts/Hospitality; Education and Training or Natural Resources and Agriscience.

English as a Second Language
Seaholm is home to students of different nationalities and a variety of ESL classes are designed to assist those who are non-native speakers of English (also known as English Language Learners or ELLs). Courses help students become proficient in reading, writing, speaking and listening. ESL courses count toward credit in English. Bilingual Tutorial counts toward an elective credit.

The Interdisciplinary Department allows students to further customize their education by choosing an independent course of study. Students can also choose experiential learning courses that provide unique challenges and leadership opportunities.

Giving Back
There is a community service element to nearly every aspect of student life at Seaholm. While Interact, a community service club sponsored by Birmingham Rotary, plans ongoing monthly service projects and the biannual blood drives, it is by no means the only outlet for community service.

In addition to organizing student dances and acting as the voice of the student body in many capacities, the Seaholm Student Congress also plans an annual fundraiser, service projects, and offers financial aid to ensure funding for worthy academic projects. Student Congress coordinates the annual Powder Puff Football game between junior and senior girls, which raises funds for the new Seaholm Offers Support organization helping Seaholm families in need.

At Seaholm, the National Honor Society is about more than scholarship. Students who meet the academic criteria must demonstrate characteristics of leadership and service. In addition to tutoring other students and contributing to local service organizations, the NHS organizes a schoolwide DodgeFest that raises funds for charity.

Classroom teachers also build service learning into their curriculum in a variety of ways. Environmental Science classes do water testing and river clean up for the Friends of the Rouge, Creative Writing classes sponsor a Poetry Slam to benefit a local charity, African Studies supports a school in Africa with needed supplies and the Marching Band participates in the Greening of Detroit. Our athletic teams also participate in many community service projects together as a team.

Getting Involved
Entering a new school for the first time can be a frightening experience for anyone. The Newcomer’s Club helps new students get acquainted, meet other students and learn about activities that are happening both in the school and in the community.

Seaholm offers a wide range of groups, clubs and activities, and new groups are always forming as a result of student interest. Two of the newest groups are Students for Ghana, a partnership with an orphanage and school in Ghana that is being run by former Seaholm students, and the Ecology Club, a group helping Seaholm become a Michigan Green School.

Whether students are interested in social service groups like the Youth Action Board of the Birmingham Bloomfield Community Coalition, the Diversity Club or the Gay Straight Alliance, or academic organizations such as Debate, Forensics, Physics or student publications like The Highlander or The Piper, there is a place for everyone at Seaholm.

For students interested in exploring new territory, the Experiential Learning Center offers adventure trips and activities that can take them as far afield as the Grand Canyon or as close to home as a weekend working at a shelter in urban Detroit. The Center also offers students the opportunity to develop their team and leadership skills through retreats such as the Multicultural Weekend held every January.

When it comes to performance, Seaholm offers everything from the melodious to the dramatic. Marching Band, Jazz, Symphony & Concert Bands, Symphony & Concert Orchestras and Choir offer outlets for the musically inclined. The Musical Cast and Musical Set & Tech Crew welcome anyone who loves musical theatre and the Fall Play is the place for drama and comedy at its best.

Showing Spirit
Ask a Seaholm student about their favorite high school memory and a large majority will say Field Day. Unique to high schools in Birmingham, Seaholm’s Field Day is our oldest tradition and one that includes nearly every student and many faculty members and parents. Part pep rally, part talent show, and part community service event, Field Day builds class unity and cooperation and offers a little friendly competition between classes. The senior class competes against the juniors, while sophomores face off against the freshmen. Each class earns points through elements and activities that include Banner, Charity, Costumes, Field Activities, Floor Show, Logo, March and Song. Five judges from outside the school are invited to award points for each event.

Beyond Field Day, Seaholm students turn out in record numbers for all kinds of school events. From Homecoming to Sadie Hawkins, school dances are equally popular with couples and groups of friends, and are the focal point of much pre-dance buzz and excitement. When it comes to sports, whether it’s on the playing field, in the pool or on the court, it isn’t just the parents in the stands cheering our athletes to victory. Everyone loves a good show – both the Fall Play and the Musical draw many admiring fans and friends to fill the seats night after night. Whether it’s cheering on a robotics class challenge during lunch or buying a carnation to help a booster team, Seaholm students are quick to offer support and encouragement.

Perform With Honor

Statistics show that approximately 70 percent of Seaholm students are involved in at least one athletic activity during the school year. Perhaps that’s because there is so much for students to choose from.

Seaholm is proud of all its student athletes. In recent years, several teams have performed exceptionally well in competitions across the county and across the state. State championship teams include Girls Unified Lacrosse, Girls Golf and Girls Tennis. County championship teams include Boys Swimming & Diving and Girls Golf.

Club Sports
From Bowling to Ping-Pong to Ski Club, club teams offer students the opportunity to participate in a sport they enjoy in a low key way. Club sports often arise from student interest and have included Ballroom Dancing and the Equestrian Club.

Unified Sports Teams
Seaholm and Groves High School have unified their Gymnastics, Lacrosse, Ski and Hockey Teams. These teams are open to students from either high school and compete against other schools as a Birmingham Unified team.

Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity Athletics
Seaholm offers a large number of varsity athletic teams for a school of its size. The variety of choices may be one reason why so many students choose to participate in one or more.

Cross Country
Swimming & Diving
Maple Motion Dance Team
TennisTrack & Field
Figure Skating

Pride of Place

Thanks to a community that truly values education, Seaholm offers students an inviting place to learn and grow. Voter approval of construction bonds has allowed our classrooms and athletic facilities to keep pace with changes in technology and safety.

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